The Tull Family Foundation (TFF) is a private foundation that philanthropically supports efforts across the education, medical and scientific research communities, and health and social services sectors. TFF’s founders, Thomas and Alba Tull, primarily focus their giving in their home towns of Los Angeles and Pittsburgh to empower change and advancement in their local communities. The Tulls pursue their mission by investing in organizations that are groundbreaking and innovative, and have the ability to transform the lives of the people who they serve.



Education is a primary focus of the TFF which supports education programs in grades 6-12 that seek to give students the tools they need to be contributing members of society, specifically by targeting college readiness, high school completion and mentoring. These grants are aimed at organizations focused on making higher education a reality for students living in economically challenged communities.

Medical and Scientific Research

TFF makes medical and scientific research grants that are primarily initiated by the founders. However, TFF will except grants proposals from ground-breaking studies or initiatives that do not qualify for traditional funding streams.

Social Services

TFF is committed to improving the quality of life in the Los Angeles and Pittsburgh communities. TFF supports programs that encourage all individuals to reach their fullest potential. TFF will consider programs that address poverty issues and assist the economically disadvantaged. Programs aimed at solutions to or the prevention of these problems are favored. Although the Foundation recognizes the importance of Community, Health, and Social Services, it is not the Foundation’s primary funding focus.

Special Projects

TFF may initiate grants for projects of interest which are related to the mission of the Foundation, but which fall outside its established areas of interest or geographic limitations. The emphasis upon individual categories might vary in any given year and exceptions to these guidelines may occur at the discretion of the Foundation.