Empowering people and communities to innovate and thrive.

We are committed to transforming lives through the advancement of innovative ideas in education, medical and scientific research and conservation.

A Transformative Force for the Underserved

The Tull Family Foundation (TFF) empowers change and transforms lives in under-funded communities. Founded by Thomas and Alba Tull, TFF is a private foundation that supports the advancement of innovative ideas in education, medical and scientific research and conservation.


Everyone deserves a quality education and the tools for long-term success. We support education and sports programs geared towards grades 6-12 in economically challenged communities. Our goal is to ensure students complete high school, are college ready and have mentors to guide them through the process. We provide grants to organizations that make higher education a reality for all students. Notable partnerships include the Harvard Business School, Hamilton College, William and Mary, and National Little League.


Conservation benefits the natural world and is essential to the well-being of all Americans. We focus on working with organizations devoted to ensuring environmental protection and the economic vitality of communities faced with environmental challenges. Our grants protect people and places and conserve the sacred land of our country, including the North American West and the Greater Pittsburgh Region. Notable partnerships include Yellowstone Forever and the Yellowstone National Park.

Medical & Scientific Research

We look to support medical and scientific breakthroughs that are most needed but often under resourced, with a particular focus on solving health challenges such as infectious diseases. TFF will accept grant proposals from ground-breaking studies or initiatives that do not qualify for traditional funding streams. Notable partnerships include the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the Whistler Health Care Centre.

TFF may initiate grants for projects of interest outside of these established areas. The emphasis upon any one category might vary in any given year and exceptions to these guidelines may occur at the discretion of the Foundation.